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Chinchillas, due to their cute appearance and soft fur, are very appealing as a pet.

They are very lively so they do need to be confined except when you can supervise their activities, but as they are active mostly in the evening you probably have a little more time to give them attention.

1p.jpgChinchillas are very clean animals and they have no noticeable odour. Their fur is the finest of all mammals and is very dense which helps to keep parasites at bay but it is essential to allow regular dust baths with a quality chinchilla dust.

The average lifespan of a Chinchilla is 8-10 years, though in captivity they have been known to live as long as 20 years.

The Spaniards in the 1500's named the Chinchilla after the South American Chinca Indians.

There are 6 species in the Chinchillidae family and all are native only to South America. Originally Chinchillas came from the Andes mountains in Peru, Chile and Bolivia, but they can now only be found in the mountains of Bolivia.

Chinchillas are adorable animals with long ears, large eyes and bushy tails; they are really rodents related to the guinea pig family and their tail looks like a squirrels' tail and accounts for about one third of their length. The chinchillas' body is 22-38 cm long and the tail is 7-15 cm long. A fully grown animal weighs between 600 and 800 grams.

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